Kelley Lilien


K E L L E Y   L I L I E N

I'm wildly imaginative yet strategically conceptual; both provocative and engaging. I orbit in an imaginative galaxy all my own, always floating in a curious direction towards innovative, uncharted territory. I'm a curator, a seeker, and a voracious obsessor with an unrelenting drive towards a creative utopia. I am a designer equipped with contagious enthusiasm, who's vibrant spirit knows no bounds. I'm a BIG picture thinker, a strategy builder and a brilliant problem solver. I believe that when passion and skill collide, magic happens.


M R S.   L I L I E N

As the designer, content producer, and personality behind MRS. LILIEN, an aspirational lifestyle brand, I gained national attention which opened up many doors. The pivotal element to my success was impeccably timed to coincide with the evolution of social media and it’s powerful influence. As the birth of various social media and online content platforms began to emerge, I was ensconced in the development and momentum of the MRS. LILIEN brand. Through the amplification of my online presence, fantastic opportunities fell into my lap. Call it ‘right place, right time’… the creation of MRS. LILIEN launched me into the public eye. To this day ‘The MRS.’ legacy continues to bolster my colorful career due to the influential brands and the fabulous relationships established.



I’ve been known to hurl myself into BOLD endeavors previously uncharted. That said, a publishing company (Penguin Random House) called, I answered, they proposed, and I said “YES!” Thus my insatiable thirst for a great creative challenge was quenched, and I made my splash into the business of creating books! I successfully designed, cocktailed and authored two books with Penguin Random House; Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook and Mrs. Lilien’s Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook. Both books found wild success and graced the pages of 10 nationally circulated magazines, countless websites and blogs, and even lead to a personal appearance / feature segment on the Today Show.



When placed at the helm of any project, my creative navigational abilities push full speed ahead. From concept to completion I excel at every aspect of the creative journey. Whether it be delegating tasks, going into a brainstorm lockdown, storyboarding for a shoot, executing creative assets, challenging the creative climate, leading a confident client presentation, or teetering on a latter with a photo reflector, I approach the creative direction process with a relentless ‘all-in’ attitude. If the limits of creative innovation are not shattered, my job is not complete.



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